YtheDoula Diaries

Its a moment doulas don’t seem to talk about. Perhaps it is because maybe some of them missed it. Or maybe they are so caught up in the moment that it doesn’t even seem like its happening and once they walk away from the “job” site they forget about it because they don’t take it home with them; the mum does.

Its a moment that I can only equate to that feeling when you just get off  a roller coaster where you almost thought you weren’t going to make it. Or when you swim a few laps almost at the brink of exhaustion and you finally lift your head above water for that quick relief of oxygen. Or when your dribbling down the court with 10 seconds on the clock and its a tied game in 4th quarter and you shoot that buzzer beater, winning 3 pointer. Its pretty much like saying I love you after months of wanting to say it, feeling it but holding it in until you knew they felt the same and you feel the relief after they say it back. As I made sure the room was organized, free with enough moving space available, snacks and plenty of coconut water at mum’s reach, baby latched on to mums boob and daddy floating near his contribution to creation it was time for me to leave. It was a long but exciting 12 hours of work as mum transitioned through her stages of labor. As a doula I always decide to step outside and regroup myself and give my clients a moment to enjoy their sacred space. As I walked out the door I peaked to allow my spirit to give them the reassurance that I am just a room away. It was then when “That moment happend.” The moment where mum is holding her new born baby so close it can hear her heart beat and dad is so close to her face almost as if their spirits where kissing just as much as their lips were. ~YtheG