Dami Akinnusi (Darkling) ~ Client Testimony

Yasmintheresa was a wonderful doula to me and my family. During what is a really intimate time and life changing event you need someone in your corner who understands the transition into motherhood as well as the hospital procedures that you may or may not be aware of and Yasmintheresa was on point in this regard. Her warmth and energy is what made me choose her from the others that I interviewed and she instantly had a good rapor with my family during our first meeting.

I initially decided on going with a doula due to being unfamiliar with the American health care system, having moved here from abroad. She was able to give me sound advice about  the best ways to advocate for the type of birth suited to our needs and was then also on hand to facilitate our requests during labour when my focus was obviously elsewhere. This is no way interfered with my partner’s role allowing him to be as involved as he wanted whilst alleviating some of the anxiety that comes with bringing a new being into this world.

I can honestly say it felt like she was a member of the family or that best friend who holds your hand in times of need. She even showed up to the hospital with healthy snacks and drinks and just surprised us with her generosity and kindness. She also captured our moments on camera for us which ca easily be forgotten in those minutes after giving birth.

When finding a doula you want a person who you feel comfortable with in your space from the get go and Yasmintheresa was that person. In her post natal visit to check up on us her concern for not only our newborns well being but also mine was heart warming beacuse most visitors naturally are so excited to meet the newborn they forget about the new mother and how she might be coping. All was well but it was nice to be reminded that you did a good job. Looking back we are so grateful to have had her as part of this life changing experience. Good luck ladies! ~Dami Akinnusi


Ana Q. ~ Client Testimony

“In our search for a doula we came across Yasmin, which has been an amazing addition to our family. I don’t think I’ve ever told her this but she was our first and only interview. Once we spoke to her and our interview went way over 2 hours, since it felt like speaking to an old friend. We decided we didn’t need to search any further. She was a great support system beyond just being our doula. She is kind, respectful, and passionate about her work, responsible, down to earth, hard working and very reliable. Unfortunately for me I was unable to have the beautiful natural birth I have always dreamed of. But having her around helped in other ways I had no idea she would be useful for. For instance my husband took my placenta home soon after I had my emergency C-section and had to pick up our hospital bag while I was in recovery and I had to have a few check ups and she held my son  as the nurse assured my blood pressure needed to normalize. She captured beautiful pictures and videos I’ll cherish forever. She worked out a payment plan that worked for us and was not “eager”. When you speak to her you quickly realize this is her calling. She was very informative and even open to learn new things. We love Yasmin and hope we can continue to develop a beautiful friendship. I can go on and on how of amazing she is but, once you meet her you’ll see her light* for yourself. Thank you Yasmin for being an amazing support!” ~Ana Q. & Family

Aviva S. ~ Client Testimony

IMG_1694Yasmine was a super supportive and caring Doula! It was great having her by my side through the labor and delivery. When she came to my house she shared her knowledge with my husband and I as well as different labor positions to help manage my pain. She always sent me texts to see how I was doing and was always easy to reach and speak to. Overall, Yasmine was a great Doula and friend to have by my side at one of the most important time of my life. ~Aviva S.