Postpartum Doula Package


A Postpartum Doula

  • Offers education, companionship and nonjudgmental support during the postpartum fourth trimester
  • Assists with newborn care, family adjustment, meal preparation and light household tidying
  • Offers evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, infant soothing and coping skills for new parents and makes appropriate referrals when necessary

Postpartum doulas do whatever a mother needs to best enjoy and care for her new baby. A large part of their role is education. They share information about baby care with parents, as well as teach siblings and partners to “mother the mother.” They assist with breastfeeding education. Postpartum doulas also make sure the mother is fed, well hydrated and comfortable.


Postpartum Doula Package

My goal is to nurture the parents as they get acclimated to their new roles. By taking a Holistic approach I welcome Mommy and baby to their Baby-moon {The sacred time when new baby(s) bond with parents in their new environment} by providing insight and support regarding the physical and psychological nuances of the postpartum period.

YtheDoula Postpartum package includes:

  • Breastfeeding Counseling/Latch And Positioning Help
  • Understanding Baby Cues
  • Diapering and Baby Care {Cloth Diapering* option I am an Eco-Friendly Advocate :-)}
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal preparation {Vegetarian / Vegan: Foods to Increase Lactation & Promote speedy recovery}
  • Light Errands
  • Resources & Referrals (massage, acupuncture, support groups, pediatric chiropractors, lactation specialist)
  • Non-judgmental support for family
  • Organize the home and nursery
  • Screen for postpartum mood disorders
  • Sleep solutions and how to get enough sleep in the first weeks
  • Help create a nurturing & quiet environment for the family
  • Assist in organizing offers of help from friends and extended family to create a support system for mum
  • Care for baby when parents want to shower or spend some special time with the older child(ren)
  • Hands-on education for infant and mum
  • Processing the birth experience


1 Week – Postpartum Package {Day/Evening}

Three examples of week shifts:

  1. 10hrs = three 3-hour visits + 1 hour of home evaluation
  2. 10hrs = two 4-hour shifts + a 2-hour check-in at week’s end
  3. 10hrs = one 9-hour night-time shift +1 hour home evaluation

Day Support – Postpartum Package: Varies on needs & availability

Night Support – Postpartum Package:

Our Night Support Postpartum Package gives you twenty-four hours of postpartum doula care, spread out over three nights.

Hourly Rates

Day support: $20.00 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours per visit

Overnight support: $30.00 per hour, with a minimum of 8 hours per visit

Payment plans for postpartum must be PAID IN FULL before the start of services.

*The family always has the right to purchase an extension of hours based on their needs and the postpartum doula’s availability.

Next Steps:

  • Interview Ythedoula. Consultations are free!
  • Hire your doula by submitting your request on Contact Link. *Select Postpartum Doula*
  • Enjoy working with your doula! We provide unlimited consultations and referrals from the time of hire through six weeks postpartum.



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