download-e1449212833672Yasmintheresa is a Midwife in training who has trained with the Farm Midwives from Summertown, Tennessee; UmmSalaamah Abdullah-Zaimah, Pamela Hunt, Deborah Flowers. She is a DONA trained Prenatal & Postnatal Doula, and Childbirth Educator who is gaining experience to become a Certified Professional Midwife.

Holds current certifications in,


After completing 3 years in College in pursuit of becoming a Clinical Dietitian focused on maternity she realized her calling was to become a Certified Professional Midwife. She then began her new journey as a Birth worker.

Yasmintheresa realized her passion for research in reproductive science at the early age of 13. Shortly after her her right of passage into womanhood she expected to receive a guidebook on how to care for herself but all she received was an offer to pick up some pads from the store from her mum. Growing up in a house predominantly full of women; she didn’t receive a crash course on how to embrace the early stages of woman hood therefore Yasmintheresa relied on her own research on how to understand her evolving body.  Today she prides herself in serving women, eager to understand and embrace the magic that happens in their bodies.

As a Doula, she provides educational, motivational and emotional support to parents. Her mission is to help make a parent’s most memorable moment comforting and harmonious.

When she is not serving as a Doula, Yasmintheresa studies, subjects such as Midwifery, Dietetics, Metaphysics, Naturopathy, Birth practices throughout different cultures, and writes opinion & research based articles for health & wellness.


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