¿Que es una Doula posparto?

Evidencia de la investigación muestra que los servicios de calidad de una doula posparto puede facilitar la transición que viene con la adición de un bebé a una familia, mejorar la satisfacción de los padres y reducen el riesgo de trastornos del estado de ánimo.

Una doula posparto

  • Ofrece educación, compañerismo y apoyo sin prejuicios durante el posparto cuarto trimestre
  • Ayuda con la atención del recién nacido, el ajuste de la familia, la preparación de alimentos y poner en orden la casa de luz
  • Ofrece información basada en la evidencia sobre la alimentación infantil, la recuperación emocional y física desde el nacimiento, bebé calmante y habilidades de afrontamiento para los nuevos padres y hace referencias apropiadas cuando sea necesario.

¿Qué es una doula?

La palabra “doula” viene del antiguo griego y significa “una mujer que sirve”, y ahora se utiliza para referirse a un profesional capacitado y con experiencia que ofrece apoyo físico, emocional y de información continua a la madre antes, durante y justo después del nacimiento; o que brinda apoyo emocional y práctico durante el puerperio.

Los estudios han demostrado que cuando las doulas asisten nacimiento, partos son más cortos con menos complicaciones, los bebés son más sanos y que amamantan más fácilmente.

Una Doula Nacimiento

  • Reconoce nacimiento como una experiencia clave la madre recordará toda su vida
  • Entiende la fisiología del parto y las necesidades emocionales de una mujer en trabajo de parto
  • Ayuda a la mujer en la preparación y la realización de sus planes para el nacimiento
  • Estancias con la mujer durante todo el trabajo
  • Proporciona apoyo emocional, medidas de comodidad física y un punto de vista objetivo, además de ayudar a la mujer a obtener la información que necesita para tomar decisiones informadas
  • Facilita la comunicación entre la parturienta, su pareja y sus proveedores de atención clínica
  • Percibe su papel de nutrir y proteger la memoria de la experiencia del nacimiento de la mujer
  • Permite que la pareja de la mujer a participar en su / su nivel de comodidad



download-e1449212833672Yasmintheresa is a Midwife in training who has trained with the Farm Midwives from Summertown, Tennessee; UmmSalaamah Abdullah-Zaimah, Pamela Hunt, Deborah Flowers. She is a DONA trained Prenatal & Postnatal Doula, and Childbirth Educator who is gaining experience to become a Certified Professional Midwife.


Holds current certifications in,


After completing 3 years in College in pursuit of becoming a Clinical Dietitian focused on maternity she realized her calling was to become a Certified Professional Midwife. She then began her new journey as a Birth worker.

Yasmintheresa realized her passion for research in reproductive science at the early age of 13. Shortly after her her right of passage into womanhood she expected to receive a guidebook on how to care for herself but all she received was an offer to pick up some pads from the store from her mum. Growing up in a house predominantly full of women; she didn’t receive a crash course on how to embrace the early stages of woman hood therefore Yasmintheresa relied on her own research on how to understand her evolving body.  Today she prides herself in serving women, eager to understand and embrace the magic that happens in their bodies.

As a Doula, she provides educational, motivational and emotional support to parents. Her mission is to help make a parent’s most memorable moment comforting and harmonious.

When she is not serving as a Doula, Yasmintheresa studies, subjects such as Midwifery, Dietetics, Metaphysics, Naturopathy, Birth practices throughout different cultures, and writes opinion & research based articles for health & wellness.

Meant to be a Doula

It is no surprise to me that I have ended up here as a protégé of midwifery services. At the age of 14 was when my obsession with the miraculous act of child birth began. I remember watching everything that had to do with child birth on the te-lie-vision (tv) and doing independent research on how my body will one day experience the magic itself. Then was when my journey to becoming a sexual reproduction educator and doula began. I do also recall being a very eager 12 year old wanting to know exactly what was happening to my body the moment I got my first period. Yes, I was that person who googled everything and joined the mailing list on those tween websites to receive free tampons and pads. They also gave cool diagrams and coloring books to know exactly how your uterus functioned! Who wouldn’t want that as keep sake?

Habits create a life style…

Oddly enough I can remember my first science project for my freshman year science fair. My project was based on the reproduction cycles of both men and woman which was followed by a presentation of both female and male contraceptives. How ironic, I know. Today I don’t believe in contraceptives. I have learned there are many different forms of contraceptives that don’t come out of a box. We’ll get to that later.  I was pretty pretentious to go out in front of the whole school, try and teach everyone about sex and contraceptives while being a virgin. I guess you can really say those who don’t do, teach.

Welcoming womanhood…

Now through the coming of a woman journey that I have experienced throughout the few decades of living on this earth, I have finally realized what truly made me happy to wake up each morning and motivated me to live each day. It was the reality of life being born around us every second. Within finding myself as a woman through mile stones, hardships and exploring the greatness in my sexuality I had made a decision to be a part of the Welcoming life Crew. (WLC includes, OBGs, Midwives, Doulas, Nurses, Witch Doctors) whatever you shall call them if they deliver or assist in delivering new life they are a part of that crew that I just made up, Welcoming Life Crew.

Being Proactic

Destiny is not a matter of chance, but of choice. Not something to wish for, but to attain.                          – William Jennings Bryan

A few months ago when I looked at my life and what I was doing; I realized I wasn’t fulfilling something inside of me. I worked for the 9th biggest company in this country and I felt as if I was dying inside. One day after watching a documentary by Rikki Lake and Abby Epstein, “The Business of Being Born”. I instantly knew why I was so passionate about birth and “Welcoming Life” into this world. >>What went through my mind was, Every time a new life is born into this world is another message being told to us by the Universe, by God, by a Higher Power that it hasn’t given up on us. In that moment I knew that I wanted to be a part of that message. I want to be the advocate of New Life being born into this world with a chance of a better tomorrow or at least a better today. This is why I am on my journey to being a DONA certified Doula with emphasis on natural birth because I was born to serve my people, my sisters and empower them to do what they biologically were born to do.  ~YtheG